Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best thing I ever ate...

I couldn't wait to write about this! I just ate the best cupcakes ever and I'm the one who made them! I can't believe it! If you love to bake and you've never checked out, you've GOT to. Jamie will turn you into a regular June Cleaver! I'm a table leader for the MOMS group at my church. One of the gals is having a birthday and we're doing a mini party for her. Since she LOVES Snickers bars, I decided to make Snickers Cupcakes. You really need to check it out! :) The best part is the mini Snickers bar in the middle! Oh! And the caramel butter cream frosting! And the caramel drizzle on top! I'm too tired to write any more, so here are some lovely pictures for you to look at!


  1. These look great! Tell me how the frosting is? Maybe I will consider a caramel one for my vanilla cupcakes. Do you think that would work? Also what tip did you use for piping the frosting on. I love how they look!

  2. The frosting was AWESOME! I used Wilton tip 2D and a disposable piping bag. And I went to YouTube for a 'how to' for piping. Great her accent is cool! I think caramel on vanilla would be delish! You can garnish with a Nilla Wafer! :)