Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Flip Flop Wreath

You don't know how bad I wanted to call this post 'DIY Thong Wreath'.  That's my inappropriate side coming out!

Am I the only one who could while away the hours looking at Pinterest?  I didn't think so.  I've got a thing for wreaths lately.  After searching for summer wreaths, I came across a pin for a wreath made from flip flops.  The pin only links to a picture.  Here's the pin.  I wasn't able to find one tutorial for this so I thought I'd make a tutorial myself!

Here's what you'll need:

10-14 flip flops in different colors/designs
a cut of ribbon to hang the wreath
silk flowers
other embellishments
hot glue gun

You can get flip flops for around a dollar a pair.  I got mine at JoAnn, and I've seen them at Old Navy and the Dollar Tree, too.  I chose the same size for all of them; Medium. I tried to make the wreath using a wire wreath form, but I couldn't get the flip flops to lay right, so I just did it freestyle.

Lets get started!

First, toe side in, arrange half of the flip flops in a circle like flower petals. Next, you'll stack the remaining flip flops on top between the straps, heel side in. 

Now it's time for gluing.  I used E-6000 because it will glue anything!  I applied the glue to the heels of the flip flops on top.  I was pretty generous with the glue, smearing it in a 2 inch strip across the heel. Once all of the flip flops are glued down, stack some heavy books on top and allow to dry for a few hours.

After the glue was dry, I attached a ribbon to the back, tying or winding the ribbon around the straps. You can easily tie it to the toe strap, but you'll need to wind it around the strap in the back.  

Now it's time to embellish! I used silk flowers and 'gems'.  I wanted the flowers in the toes of the flip flops, but the hot glue wouldn't adhere to the strap.  Instead I filled the hole where the toe strap comes through with hot glue and stuck the flower in there and held it till it set.  Then I glued under the flower to position it correctly.

Enjoy your summer masterpiece!  I don't think I waited for the glue to dry before I hung it up!

Happy Summer!