Friday, November 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Countdown

Well, Hello, November 1st.

Am I the only one who is sort of in shock that Halloween is over and the 'holidays' are officially upon us?

We Trick-or-Treated our legs off tonight!  Or was it last night?  I's still night, I'm burning the midnight oil!  My sweet girl came home with her pumpkin bucket filled to the brim with all kinds of yummy treats.

All I can think about is her teeth.  And sugar bugs.  And how sugar bugs make cavities.

Well, a friend on Facebook reminded me of a fun craft that helps you cut down how much Halloween candy goes down the hatch!  I first heard about this when my girl was a few weeks old and I vowed to remember it.

I didn't.  Until tonight!

Thanksgiving Countdown.  Brilliant.

You get to blame the TURKEY for hiding the Halloween candy!  The kids will never know.  It's our little secret.

This can be done all sorts of ways, but here's what I did.

1.  Counted 28+ pieces of Halloween candy, put it in a Ziplock, and hid it in pantry.
2.  Pigged out on Threw out remaining candy.
3. Cut a cute turkey shape out of brown construction paper.
4.  Cut 28 feather shapes from construction paper.
5. Numbered the front of each feather; 1-28, and wrote a clue or riddle on the back of each feather.  (These are clues to where THE TURKEY has hidden a piece of candy; sock drawer, fridge, playhouse, booster seat, etc.)

Thanks for reading and thank you, Facebook Friend, for the reminder!

Happy November!

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